Sunday, October 1, 2006

Tilth Newsletter October 2006

Thank you for responding to our first newsletter and returning our flyer. We appreciate your interest in being a member of the Canterbury Branch and are very grateful for your subscriptions and donations.

Visioning Process

The committee has followed the advice and example of Project Port Lyttelton and is committed to working with members to develop a vision for our branch. We consider that after 60 years it is time to examine our values, remember what has worked in the past and dream about what we want in the future so that we can more effectively engage with and act upon good project ideas.

A special workshop meeting will be called shortly to develop this vision. It will be announced in the next issue of Tilth, due in the first week of November. If you have particular thoughts about this, please let us know.


The branch library has historically been an important asset. Kept for some years at the Christchurch Environment Centre, it has been in storage since the Centre closed. It has found a new home with Kids’ Edible Gardens at Rowley House, where it will be a useful reference collection once again. The long-term location for this library may be one aspect of the visioning process.


Tilth is now hosted on the Soil & Health Association website, where it can be accessed by the general public. All branch members and Organic NZ subscribers from Canterbury will be notified by email as each new Tilth is uploaded, courtesy of Hamish Hopkinson, National Soil & Health Association Manager. Our thanks to him for this commitment.

Food and Shopping
LabelWatch - Cool Killed - Who cares where our food comes from?
Unfortunately, our Government has recently blocked a bill that would have let consumers know where their food comes from. The new Organic NZ Vol. 65 no 5 features an article by Dr Robert Anderson about this. For more information also visit:


A member would like to get hold of a couple of videos:

“Ancient Futures” by Helena Nourberghody and

“Farming with nature” by Zepp Holzer.

Please contact us if your know where to borrow or buy this.