Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silver Medal for Style and Sustainability

Soil and Health Canterbury wowed the judges at Ellerslie, this time winning ‘Silver with Distinction’ for their garden Sustainability with Style, created in partnership with fellow organic group The Good Gardeners’ Association.

Designed by Phil and Linda Ducker of The Good Gardeners’ Association, the garden featured elegant architectural structures - lych gate entrance, pebble mosiac and summer house – all built from recycled materials and sustainably harvested timber.
Surrounding a central lawn area, raised beds overflowed with an abundant variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables, and fruit trees were planted strategically along the garden’s boundry.

A compost heap and potting area were also thoughtfully integrated into the final design. “We love compost, and it was great to see composting being promoted at Ellerslie”, said Matt Morris (Chair Soil and Health Association NZ), “compost heaps are a thing of beauty and so magical in the way they transform waste into a healthy product to enrich the soil”.

“Ellerslie is a great place for Soil and Health and The Good Gardeners’ Association to get their messages out to a wide audience which would not normally be exposed to its ideas”, said Matt Morris.

A big thanks goes out to Donn Hampton, Dave Evans and Brian Morris for their incredible efforts with this project, and to Phil and Linda Ducker from Good Gardeners’ and the rest of their team.