Saturday, March 3, 2012

Autumn Equinox Garden Talk

Visit a New Brighton garden and find out how gardeners Scott and Charlotte made their small strawbale garden shed. Learn some basic construction techniques and how to render using clay. Suzanne Blyth will also talk about how the Southern Seed Exchange built their strawbale seed shed.

When: Saturday 31st of March, 2pm
Where: 50 Cygnet St, North Beach, Christchurch.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pizza Party Blowout Welcomes 2012

We had a lovely, sunny afternoon gathering at Lily White's garden on Saturday 14th Janurary. The public event was open to members and non-members, with over 30 people joining us, each bringing their favourite pizza topping to share with the group. The pizza oven, made from bricks and clay, was super hot (having been lit at 8.30 that morning) and cooked the morish pizzas in just 3 minutes. Lily demonstrated the technique for pizza base success and Dave Evans (treasurer) sweated it out putting the individual pizzas in the oven and rescuing them again before they burnt. Every pizza was unique in its topping selection and the artists considered their pizza to be a masterpiece-feast.

Each visitor gleefully enjoyed their food and the company was delicious. We toasted to the Soil and Health Association and also to community in action, people helping out others, and inspiring each other to garden wisely. I found inspiration to attack my convulvulous at home without chemicals, thanks to more thoroughly understanding its growth cycle.

Cheerful conversations about gardening, seasons, recipies, families, oven building etc filled the afternoon until Stephen Browning, one of our new Green MPs, surprised us all by joining in and we had a deep discussion about the recently proposed Food Bill. He seemed enthralled with his pizza before dashing away to take care of his parlimentary business. As the adults chatted, the kids could explore the kids corner, with chalk and toys or the rest of the garden which gave them a sense of adventure.

Lily White has been gardening with permaculture principals for over 30 years and helps kids enjoy gardening with "Kids Edible Gardens". The event was organised by Canterbury Soil and Health Association to celebrate summer harvest. We have been making a point to celebrate the seasons with our members in public events and open garden visits.

Posted by Bonnie Schaab