Friday, March 13, 2009

Bronze at Ellerslie

When Project Lyttelton and Soil and Health teams got together at Ellerslie to celebrate the completion of their display garden, they were amazed to find out they had won a Bronze Award!

"Getting Bronze was a fantastic result. Many adjacent displays had spent tens of thousands of dollars, while ours was put together with voluntary effort and lots of sponsorship . . . The judges said that they kept coming back to our garden because they loved the concept and really enjoyed how place specific it was," said Matt Morris.

The display is named 'Dig This' Community Garden, and celebrates the 'planting, harvesting and feasting of good organic food in your local community'. The silhouette of the port hills, coupled with the metal bollards and shipping rope captures Lyttelton's unique landscape.

A big thanks goes out project managers Wendy Everingham and Rod Lawrence from Project Lyttelton who did an outstanding job, and Soil and Health members Donn Hampton and Brian Morris who put in many days of hard work on the construction. Thanks also to all those members who were on hand during the show to talk to people and give out leaflets.

If you’re planning to visit the show this weekend make sure you check out'Dig This'. Hopefully our award winning garden will inspire other communities to work together to create a more sustainable city.

Posted by Charlotte McHaffie